Thank you so much Jean-Marc for my supply of immune boosters, Magnesium, and Vitamin C. I can’t begin to tell you just how much safer I have felt with your advice working as an Intensive Care Nurse on the front line during this global Pandemic. 

I have had the confidence to work in conditions that have often been so stressful and overwhelming. Knowing that my immune system is totally supported has helped me to work with that confidence whilst adhering to all the PPE requirements in order to do my work professionally, safely, and efficiently. 

The daily ritual of taking the various capsules, whilst cumbersome, helps me to feel secure and at ease. I love this natural resource and the anecdotal research is a plus for me to learn and grow, whilst watching the holistic health benefits to my body. 

Thank you again Jean-Marc for all that you are doing to support me and my colleagues during this time. 

Liz Chukwu

Intensive Care Nurse, UK

Jean-Marc showed me back in February 2020 how things we use and wear make a difference to our health and can weaken the whole system. He tested my jewellery, fillings in my mouth, tags on my clothes, mobile phone and showed with active muscle testing how the electric and magnetic fields from these objects were making me weak with them on my body. 

The thing that intrigued me the most was the ceramic fillings in my teeth as I hold a lot of tension in my jaw at night and never considered the impact my fillings could have on my jaw and mouth. Jean-Marc found a suitable compound that agreed with my system which I will look into changing at a future date. He was also able to give me cards for me and my family to stop the effects of this electromagnetic energy on the body and the heat coming from my mobile phone is noticeably better.  

If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms that cannot be explained like fatigue, headaches, joint pains to name a few I would go see Jean-Marc and get tested or even if you want to have optimal health and be your best I would explore if you are electro-sensitive.

Suzette Chee

Chiropractor, Uk

I would like to express my appreciation for the naturopathy medication you prescribed for me. I have been a nurse for 32 years administering medication in various types and strengths. In my whole Nursing experience, I have not seen a single drug without side and adverse effects. The more medication a patient takes will have more side effects and even develop other medical conditions. I like reading through the information leaflet inside medication boxes and have found that pharmaceutical medication has got a very low percentage of the natural ingredients and many chemical additives with a higher percentage. These are the chemicals that cause a lot of side effects on the body.

The Coronavirus pandemic opened an opportunity for me to know Jean-Marc who specialises in natural therapy from our Mother Nature plants and herbs. I do not like medication myself but I am taking the naturopathy capsules. They have no side effects which I have experienced since I started taking them as there are only natural plants and herbs.

I recommend other people to contact Jean-Marc. I just wish that the medication we administer to patients would be from naturopathy specialists.

I also wish that scientists can research and liaise with health care industries to buy this type of medication. Naturopathy Doctors should emerge on top of the world to market themselves in the world.

In conclusion, this is good quality medication, Effective and No Side Effects. It’s all from Mother Earth who gives us food as well.

Thank you

Nellie Matsebula

Nurse, Uk

After moving to a new flat we experienced 2 major issues. One was related to the feeling of some oppressive “presence” and especially at night where we had the unpleasant and frightening feeling that someone was in the flat!

The other one was related to dampness and mold on a few walls as well as a huge amount of water on the windowsill due to condensation that we had to mop-up every morning!

Since we asked JM to do work on the flat and especially focusing on these 2 issues, we no longer have a trace of humidity (without having made any other arrangements apart from displaying some specific healing cards recommended by JM), and this in all seasons and even after a long absence. No more nocturnal oppression, we can circulate without anguish at night.

It’s simply magic! Thank you, Jean-Marc!

William Artige


The first night – it was a Thursday – when I put the Infinity Alignment Healing Cards in place at the bar and told my employees a little bit about what I was doing…A couple of minutes after I finished…the first group of people came into the bar…and then another and so on.

The Bar was so full and everyone was having such a fantastic time, it was one of the best evenings I’ve had so far in the bar – both financially and musically :).

I really had to smile about it. So great!

Thank you for everything Jean-Marc


Bar Owner, Germany

In our experience, when working with Jean-Marc Degioanni, there is no doubt in our minds that we have finally found the right therapist for our situation.

My daughter had been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and we had tried at least 3 therapists prior to finding Jean-Marc. 

It has been an absolute revelation working with Jean-Marc who provides a level of service, care, and support that cannot be compared to any other therapist. He has a remarkable gift of insight into your personal situation coupled with the ability to offer practical advice, care, and a solid naturopathic plan uniquely assembled for you as the individual. To find this range of skills all offered by one therapist is pretty amazing and makes the service Jean-Marc provides, truly unique.

Jean-Marc actively embraces the diagnosis of the medical system and works with them, where possible, to offer you a total health care plan incorporating healings and natural products to suit the needs of your particular situation. Thank you!

Helen Buckley

Musician & Astrologer, Uk

I would like to express and share my gratitude towards Jean-Marc Degioanni for helping me on my way to overcome my symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have been suffering from these debilitating illnesses for nearly 25 years! During that time I have consulted many specialists, natural practitioners, and healers to find a treatment, that would work for me. However, none of those has made a lasting difference. I began working with Jean-Marc in November 2013. After the first session, I noticed a change in the severity of exhaustion and intensity of pain that I was experiencing almost every day. 

Each session helped me become stronger and happier. What is more, my disturbing symptoms have disappeared! Jean-Marc does amazing work. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, who is looking for a natural solution to health problems.

Izabela Wachala


Jean-Marc has always helped me through difficult emotional situations. His healing and naturopathic advise has worked every time for my mental, physical and emotional wellness.

I feel blessed to know you, Jean-Marc!

Suzi Cinalli

Founder, The Vital Touch

Working with Jean-Marc is always powerful and the results are amazing. I turn to Jean-Marc when there is a problem with my wellbeing or my children and I trust his process of getting to the heart of the issue and then transforming the problem to great effect. He has supported me, my clients, and my children numerous times when in spiritual, energetic, or physical crises, and his healing works!

Thank you so much Jean-Marc

Kat Dever

Intuitive Consultant, UK

All the recommendations that you perceived for my health have led me to profound healing. The supplements, your advice, and the Feldenkrais had revealed how I can walk again and I will continue this practice of awareness through movement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ruth Morrow


Jean-Marc has helped me and my family an enormous amount with a range of health issues. We all see him occasionally and I have been consulting him since 2013.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for someone seeking to improve their health, on any level (physical, mental, spiritual…).

 I have suffered from depression throughout my teenage & adult life and feel that I am more able to manage this condition and suffer from it significantly less than in previous years. My partner who is a builder has had his physical health greatly improved due to following JM’s recommendations and both my children really appreciate his insight and support.

Olivia Shirley


I first met Jean-Marc in 2017 after suffering from digestive problems for a number of months, making me feel very sick. After an initial consultation and Gaztest, I discovered I was suffering from a Helicobacter pylori infection. Jean-Marc helped me with a course of treatment that included nutrition advice and herbal medicine. My digestive problems disappeared and my approach to diet and wellbeing changed forever.

Jean-Marc has opened my eyes to illness prevention and self-understanding. Since discovering Infinity Alignment I have had enjoyed more energy, increased clarity, and better health.  

As my health improved I decided that I wanted to learn more about Infinity Alignment and had the pleasure of attending one of Jean-Marc’s weekend courses. His teaching has helped develop my spiritual awareness and given me the tools to help promote self-healing and also help my friends and family.

Thank you for all your help over the last 3 years!


Surrey, UK

On December of 2013, a strong harmful negative energy made me very sick. When all started, I tried to deal with it by myself. But I started to get worse, so asked for help from a healer and a friend of mine. But I continued feeling worse, I was so exhausted and felt very sick.

On December 24th, my head started to blow up and I thought I was dying. So, I phoned Jean-Marc asking him for healing. He started to work immediately and the day after, although it was Christmas I started to get better. I was safe and reborn and in the following days, all the symptoms and sickness had gone.

I was touched by Jean Marc’s humanity, his love, kindness, and respect for all life and any form of consciousness. Jean-Marc is a great expert, unique, and complete in the field of healing of physical, emotional, mental, and subtle bodies.

Some friends of mine were deeply impressed and grateful to Jean-Marc Degioanni as well, after the treatment healing received on themselves and completed with great results. My gratitude, appreciation, blessings, and love to whom saved my life.

Anna Bianchi

Milan, Italy