Electrosensitivity is the sensitivity to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), also known as Electromagnetic Waves (EMW), emitted by various radiative devices such as Baby Monitors, Phones, Laptops, Smart Meters, etc.

EMF (a stressor) are waves that cannot be seen with the naked eye nor touched with the hand. Yet, the human body can feel these waves, resulting in pain, discomfort, and tension.

Do You Suffer From Any Of These?



Lower Back Pain

Joint Inflammation

Dental Pain



Light Sensitivity


Poor Concentration

Electrosensitivity is a source of causes which builds up over time, creating a domino effect on the human body leading one to react differently with different degrees of severity.

What Can I Do?

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The body never lies!

First! We must understand which devices or accessories are causing us significant discomfort. At my clinic, I test my patients naturally and non-invasively, showing them how quickly our body responds when the stressor is removed or neutralised.

A standard appointment is around 1-2 hours including a variety of tests and exercises.

Get An Areca Plus Card™

After years of research, we have created the Areca Plus Card™; a sticker with an everlasting energetic imprint.

Stuck on any device, it diffuses and converts harmful energy into harmless energy leaving the body empowered to feel stronger and enhancing its flexibility.

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Join Our Course!

Our 2-day (1 weekend) mind blowing, integrative module is designed to raise awareness and show you the effects and impacts of Electrosensitive materials on the body.

Throughout, Jean-Marc will teach you how to test yourself and others and protect yourself from Electrosensitivity. 

Jean-Marc showed me back in February 2020 how things we use and wear make a difference to our health and can weaken the whole system. 

He tested my jewellery, fillings in my mouth, tags on my clothes, etc and showed with active muscle testing the negative impact these had on my body. Jean-marc then helped me find alternatives like a compound for my filling, to help reduce the discomfort my body was going through.

If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms that cannot be explained like fatigue, headaches, joint pains to name a few I would go see Jean-Marc and get tested or even if you want to have optimal health and be your best I would explore if you are electro-sensitive.

Suzette Chee

Chiropractor, Uk