Infinity Alignment has been a part of me which grew and matured as I did until it was ready to be known to both myself and our world. As a child in a remote village in the French Alps, I was always surrounded by nature’s beauty and unconditional love. Although growing up in a large family, I found my solitude to be a necessity which eventually led me to answer many of my questions. I sought this time alone by roaming the hills and mountains, listening to the village elders and their ancient wisdom. As time passed, I realised what truth they spoke and how much insight they had into Mother Nature and her cunning ways.

However, I was not without my ailments. Despite living in this secluded village, we were still exposed to all the standard childhood vaccines. Being extremely sensitive to all things chemical, I ended up having a high fever which later developed into Rheumatism. Since then, I vowed to my four-year-old self that I would never allow anything chemical to enter my body.

Nonetheless, I had suffered from the severe spine and joint pains up until I was twenty. At this point in my life, it was affecting me, my work in the family construction business and my training to be a Mountain Leader. Although having been meditating and healing myself since I was a child during my many ventures into the forests and mountains, it wasn’t enough. I was told that I would need surgery, but I did not want that so, I decided to rely on my intuition and search for a way to heal myself naturally.

Mother Nature showed me the way to a healer and naturopath, who quickly became one of my dearest friends. He taught me how to prepare natural remedies and heal myself by listening and attuning myself with Mother Nature. Shortly after, the pain eased. Not only was I able to continue my work as a builder, but I managed to become the Mountain Leader I dreamt of being.

In my early thirties, my guides showed me a new path which eventually led me to England. I began working with a Vet who used energy healing as a mode to treat animals. This experience deepened my understanding of this power I had channelled over the years and provided me with the courage to open my healing practice in 2006.

Having developed this innate understanding of nature and her ways, I have continuously yearned to evolve and grow just as she does. Hence, my desire to study other complementary fields such as Naturopathy, Iridology, Nutrition and Homeopathy. By 2013, I had qualified as a naturopath and a nutritionist. However, it was in early 2012 that I had channelled the Infinity Alignment Therapy leading me later to set up the School of Infinity Alignment in 2016.

I cannot explain how grateful I am for the life I have led, my family, the people I have met and the guides who have helped me reach where I am today. To all of you, thank you.