Mitochondria with the HRV Machine

Welcome to Mitochondrial Therapy. As you know, your Mitochondria are the powerhouse within your cells. They are responsible for the creation of the power necessary for all the internal processes, to happen as smoothly as possible. Moreover, your mitochondria are at their optimum when you are 16. However, it is at the age of 26 that their production decreases thus, making them more susceptible to damage which can be due to stress, toxicity, radiation, or lack of nourishment.

However, I have noticed that when in pain, we often go for a treatment or drug which addresses said pain in said area. Although this is all well and good for temporary pain relief, you still haven’t treated nor healed the root of the issue. More often than not, it is due to having a low mitochondrial level; hence, why many do not respond appropriately to supplements.

Therefore, I suggest this Mitochondrial Therapy. This is for those who feel very tired and stressed, who are unable to improve their health, who suffer from Fibromyalgia, ME, Cancer, or even for those who always seem to be coming down with “something”.

So, don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can help you reach the quality of life your body is fully capable of giving you.

I first met Jean Marc in 2017 after suffering from digestive problems for a number of months, making me feel very sick. After an initial consultation, Gaz & the HRV MAchine test I discovered I was suffering from a Helicobacter pylori infection. Jean-Marc helped me with a course of supplements that included nutrition advice and herbal medicine. My digestive problems disappeared and my approach to diet and wellbeing changed forever.

Jean-Marc has opened my eyes to illness prevention and self-understanding. Since discovering Infinity Alignment I have had enjoyed more energy, increased clarity, and better health.  

Helen Buckley

Musician & Astronomer, UK