The Areca Plus Card™ can help individuals and families live a healthier and happier life without any side effects for generations to come.

The Areca Plus Card™ harmonises and neutralises the radiation emanating from any device that may have an electromagnetic field.

Most individuals using a cell phone for several hours a day can increase their flexibility and sense of well being, transforming harmful radiation into harmless energy by using the Areca Plus Card™ on all their electronic devices.


Infinity Alignment and partners have been working endlessly to obtain high quality, organic ingredients allowing us to put forward a range of supplements. 

A powerful combination to boost and build up your Immune system. I have had nothing but great results with my clients, NHS workers and fellow practitioners. It will bring A LOT to your immune system. 

“Only when you truly inhabit your body can you begin the healing journey” Gabrielle Roth


Celeste will become more than just a pendulum that guides and heals; she will become a jewel unique to her beholder.

Celeste is, as you will discover, not a dowsing pendulum but more.


This combination of Vortex Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Therapeutic Magnets and Colours enable these cards to be the most powerful and unique healing tools within the IA Therapy. It is thanks to these four fundamental components that the Healing Cards can reach their full potential.


Helps to receive new knowledge through your heartbeat and acts as the channel of Love for our everyday wellbeing.
Its use is for personal protection from EM, mobile phone masts, radars, Geopathic Stress and Negative thoughts.

“Greet every day with a little pendant. If you’re going to rise, you might as well shine.”


If you are looking for a multi-functional mat, then you have come to the right place. IA’s new Yoga and Meditation mat is not only beautiful but allows you to feel refreshed every time you are on it.