Business Alignment Therapy
“Trust me, nothing will be normal once you align your business with a team like this. Be prepared to expect the unexpected, because this is about to become your new norm!”
We will start by discussing your business’ purpose, needs, and goals before preparing your bespoke proposal. This proposal will clearly outline the extent of our work with you, including the stages involved, and everything needed to realise and complete each stage.
We will work with the Infinity Alignment Team Guides and Nature’s Intelligence. These Guides are bodies of consciousness, which will determine the blockages, help release them and in turn connect you with Nature’s Intelligence all through, what I call, a ‘Spiritual Business Conference Call’. From there, they will be on hand and ready with wisdom, insight, direction, and purpose throughout the entire process.
When I work with business owners, I implement a metaphoric garden to aid in their visualisation of each stage within their new venture.
It works like this;
• We introduce your business to the IA Team Guides
• We break ground, ensuring the soil is fertile, and remove any ‘weeds’ which hinder positive growth.
• We sow the business seeds
• We determine the specific fertiliser needed for your business to grow and flourish
• Your business incubates
• Your business then ripens
• Finally, you reap the plentiful benefits of your Business’ fruitful harvest.

So, are you ready to achieve brand new levels of success within your business? To begin this new venture and harvest your dividend contact me today!

Jean-Marc is an amazing man of that there is no doubt! For those that have already made a conscious decision to follow their heart and passion in their choice of work – rather than something that may be easier or simply pays the bills –  Jean-Marc can help you to identify and release any blockages which may get in your way.

Richard Kendall

Managing Director, Beyondgreen