In-person & Distance Healing

The beauty of Infinity Alignment Therapy is its flexible and adaptable nature. 

Infinity Alignment Therapists offer both distance and in-person healing sessions. Both work as efficiently but, the in-person sessions offer the client a more profound experience as they are present physically.

Long-distance healing, a form of energy healing / observational awareness, takes place when the practitioner and the client are in different locations. It is especially helpful when clients – babies, adults, animals, and plants cannot travel due to severe illness, mobility restrictions, or in the restrictive times in which we find ourselves currently where it is impossible to meet in person.

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In December of 2013, a strong harmful negative energy made me very sick. When all started, I tried to deal with it by myself but it got worse. 

On December 24th, my head started to blow up and I thought I was dying. So, I phoned Jean-Marc asking him for healing. He started to work immediately and I felt safe and reborn and in the following days, all the symptoms and sickness had gone.

Anna Bianchi

Milan, Italy