In all my years of meditating, there are moments where Meditation has helped me where I had not believed it to be possible. Recently, I had an accident whereby I fell off a two meters ladder. It was as I fell that my brain, rather than panicking, put itself into a state of serenity and acceptance of the patent pain to come. As I eventually managed to reach and lay on my Meditation Mat (Mat 2), I felt the excruciating pain and intense sensation suddenly begin to release, allowing me to fall into a profound healing meditative state. It was astonishing!

Throughout my recovery, I had not taken any pain killers or medication I merely meditated. I hope to invite you for a healing session so that you too can experience the beauty and the power of the Infinity Alignment Therapy. 
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“I went everywhere looking for a place to meditate without realising that this place was already there, in my heart and mind. I traveled everywhere to the end of my strength, and it was only when I stopped that I found what I was looking for – in me.” Ajahn Chah

I had always found it hard to meditate as I could never focus solely on my breath or clear my head from all the thoughts buzzing through. 

Throughout my studies, I struggled with stress immensely and got sick because of it. Whether that was with Migraines, Nausea, or even severe Stomach Cramps. When Jean-Marc told me to lay or sit on his Mat when I had some pain I almost laughed. Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical. 

But I tried it. 

The result stunned me. I was near fainting and in about 2-3 minutes all the pain and nausea was fading from my body as if I was covered in some dust and the wind just passed through me and blew it off. It was incredible. I use it always.


Student, Uk