The framework of healing that I practice incorporates the whole biosphere of the person, including the home & work place.

Re-Establishment Of The Bio-Electrical Terrain

Neutralisation of electromagnetic pollution
Neutralisation of pathogenic zones around the home
Importance of a wholefood diet
Use of water of a decent quality (spring water or osmosis)

Sealing Of Energetic Leak

Re-establishment of energetic axes,chakras & subtle body.
Clearing of entities
Freeing from “vampiric” relationships
Work on stress, emotion, fear and guilt

Solving Personal Conflict

Biological decoding
Short therapies
Re-centering body work

Understanding the meaning of illness

Helping the patient understand & take responsibility for their health, by
being aware of inner pollution on all levels.

Mental: Orientation towards positive thought
Psychological: modifying ones view of self and others by opening to Love of self and others
Spiritual: nourish aspirations by freeing oneself of pretences.