Jean Marc is available for one to one consultations in South West London, as well as telephone or remote sessions. Appointments can be made for either via email or telephone, please allow a week’s notice as minimum. Please complete all relevant sections of the attached consultation form and email to Jean Marc at least 5 days prior to your appointment, including remote sessions. When visiting Jean Marc please bring a signed copy of the completed form with you.

The first  appointment , including telephone or remote ones, generally lasts between 75 to 90 minutes and is £130.00. Jean Marc will review the completed consultation form and questionnaire with the client and may ask additional health questions if required. There will always be subsequent appointments when Jean Marc will review the client’s progress. These are charged at £90.00 per session, including remote sessions. Minimum of three hours recommended to get to root cause. Special offer of £400.00 if 5 sessions booked together.

A non refundable deposit of 50%, payable by Cheque or BACS, will be required at the time of booking an appointment, with the balance to be paid immediately following the appointment. An invoice with payment details will be sent with the confirmation of an agreed date and time.

Home Alignment & Geopathic Stress Analysis.

Jean Marc can do a preliminary check for energetic disturbances within your environment, using copies of your house or office plans. If this is required please complete the relevant sections as detailed in the consultation form. The fee for this can vary from
£90.00 to £250,depending on the size of the property.

If you have recently moved or have bought a new business you may wish to invest in a full scale home & land geopathic stress analysis. During this Jean Marc work’s with the emotional energies of the client in relation to their living or working space, which ever is identified by the client or by Jean Marc’s initial assessment. The full analysis involves working towards an alignment between the client, their environment and the earth’s chakra’s & the planetary zodiac system. This involves identifying and balancing the heart & immune centres. Jean Marc also uses the Perelandra system of working with nature, including the seasonal variances of equinoxes & solstices.

The full home and land alignment package cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the work required. Usually this is a minimum of one day and on average three days, at approximately £550 a day, plus travel expenses if outside London. Please note that the full package also includes two vortex cards, worth approx £110. These cards are the Rainbow and Generator card. Also please be aware that Jean Marc will need access to all levels and areas of the property, in order to do a comprehensive investigation and put in place healing solutions. As with all energetic work, home and land alignment depends on timing. What is ready to be healed at any given time will vary with each individual & their circumstances at that point in time.

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Section Two - Personal Health for Geopathic Stress

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Many thanks for your cooperation. Please be assured that all the information stated above will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be seen by myself.

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The therapies offered by Jean Marc De Gioanni are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or physical condition, they do not replace medical care. We suggest you consult your medical practitioner for any medical problems.

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Consultation Form.

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